Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Visit to Quest Elementary School

Today I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Quest Elementary School in Hilton. What a wonderful school!

I was welcomed with open arms by Ms. Nancy Johnstone, who happens to be the most recently named Teacher of the Year in Hilton Schools and it was no wonder to see why! Her kindergarten classroom was teeming with colors, words (both English and Spanish!), shapes, drawings, pictures, caterpillars and an incubator soon to be home to baby chicks!

The young students were an absolute joy! I was so impressed with how smart, well behaved, and curious the kids were at only 5 years old! I was treated to a performance of "God Bless America" and the "Helicopter Song." I spoke with the kids about how much I love music and encouraged the kids to work hard in every subject of school.

Silly picture!

Look at those smiles!

When I asked the boys and girls if they had any questions the first question was asked by one little girl who raised her hand and asked, "Do you like snacks?" I laughed and thought about how hard I'm trying to get ready for the swimsuit competition and answered "Yes. I love snacks." And in case anyone is curious my favorite snack that I plan to enjoy post-swimsuit competition is definitely Crumbs Cupcakes. Particularly the m&m kind. Mmmm...

I digress!

I spent the rest of the afternoon helping the boys and girls with geometry, holding hands as we walked to PE class, and passing out snacks. Before I left I let a couple of the students try on my crown. As you can imagine the kids were thrilled! I think we may have a future Miss Greater Rochester or two in the bunch!

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