Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May is for Miracles

This month is the Children's Miracle Network "May is for Miracles" campaign. As you all know the Miss America National Platform is the Children's Miracle Network so I figured there was no better time than to kick my fundraising into high gear!

I rallied all weekend long for the Children's Miracle Network talking to the people of Rochester, friends, and families asking for just $1. My fundraising for this weekend culminated at the new Walmart Super Center in Victor. My total raised this weekend was a whopping $520! AMAZING! That brings me to an even $700 thus far. So close, yet so far, from my $1000 goal so keep those donations coming!

I set up camp right in front of the entrance :)

Bet you didn't know I was so artistic! (kidding...although I do think the sparkles added a special something hehe)

My two favorite girls, Sophie and Nellie!

One of the best parts about this fundraiser outside of Walmart was that people were not afraid to challenge me and ask me just what exactly the Children's Miracle Network and the Miss America Organization does. I was so proud to tell Walmart's patrons about the amazing partnership between the two organizations and that together miracles are created for the lives of 17 million children and their families each year.

Some of the people passing through Walmart's doors were already well aware of all that the Children's Miracle Network can do. One woman told me that the Golisano Children's Hospital, one of the 170 CMN Hospitals across the country, saved her grandson's life. It was that story, and the one I'm about to share below, that made me know my efforts were more than worth the while.

A Walmart employee came outside on his break and told me about a former Walmart employee, named Wally Straight, who lost one of his grandchildren just before the child's 5th birthday. Wally made the promise to raise $200,000 in memory of his grandson for the Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong and would work tiring 8 hour shifts collection just $1 donations at the door. This past May a generous $4 donation put Wally just past the $200,000 mark.

Folks, just $1 can make a tremendous difference. Donate today!

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