Thursday, May 6, 2010

It hurts so good!

My abs legs hurt....I think even my eyelashes hurt. My everything hurts!

I had my first training session with my personal trainer, Damon at NYSC, and at the start of the session I told Damon I wanted to be worked so hard that it would be difficult to get out of bed the next morning. Well mission accomplished! It's that good kind of hurt though where you know that you're working your hardest and that there will definitely be positive results.

Damon was awesome. I'm so excited to be training with him at NYSC because he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about physical fitness. He worked me hard and encouraged me to not give up. One of the things he said that really motivated me when I was about to fall out of an extremely long plank was "You can't just quit when you're on stage in swimsuit-you can't just walk off! So are you going to quit now!?" Talk about motivation!

I have no doubt he's going to have me in fabulous swimsuit shape in no time!

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