Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Night of Dreams

I had the pleasure of attending the Big Brothers Big Sisters Asian Mentoring Committee gala. The evening was titled "A Night of Dreams: Evening Arts Showcase Fundraiser" and served not just as an opportunity to raise money for such an amazing cause as Big Brothers Big Sisters but as a chance for the young boys and girls of the Asian Mentoring Committee of BBBS to express their dreams, hopes for their futures, and their Asian heritage through art. Kids expressing themselves through art? You KNOW I was there with bells and whistles!

It was a fantastic event and I thoroughly enjoyed the kids' artwork. I couldn't believe that some of the art was done by children! It is certainly a very talented bunch of kids benefiting from the kindness of the volunteers serving as their mentors.

Here is just a sampling of the array of art at the showcase held at the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA):

This piece of art shows a young girl as she views herself now in America and what her home was like in China

This is a poem I loved and was moved by, written by a ten year old girl who writes about her new life in America and how she is so grateful for the freedom she has living here.

In addition to the amazing and touching artwork, guests of honor Judge Michael A. Corriero and Qing Hong Wu spoke about their Big and Little relationship and how it has affected each of them respectively. Qing Hong Wu credits his relationship with his Big Judge Corriero as setting him on the right path and teaching him how to live a respectful life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is truly a fantastic organization that allows volunteers in our community to reach out to young boys and girls who may not have any other responsible adults to turn to. This mentorship combined with the use of the arts as a means of self expression undoubtedly is saving the lives of many kids in our community and is teaching these children healthy and successful life skills that may not otherwise be afforded to them.

Bravo to a wonderful job done not just on this "Evening of Dreams" but every day with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Special thanks and congratulations to my friend, and one of the organizers of this event, Richard Fu!

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