Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sad News for Rochester, Great for New York State

At 11am this Wednesday morning the wonderful mayor of Rochester will be announced as Andrew Cuomo's running mate for the 2010 Governor election. Mayor Robert Duffy has proven his effectiveness in our community previously as the Rochester Chief of Police and currently as mayor.

You may remember the letter I had written to Mayor Duffy right after I won Miss Greater Rochester regarding my support of his mayoral control of schools in Rochester and how I hoped he would include the performing arts as a strong part of his pending curriculum. Mayor Duffy responded right away to my letter, than you can read in a previous post, commending me on my recent crowning and my ability to speak my opinion and hopes for the Greater Rochester area.

Should Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy win the election we will certainly be sad to see him leave his mayor's office in Rochester but will be thrilled to know that our state will undoubtedly be put back in the right direction with his diligence, compassion, commitment, and strength as a leader.

To read more about this announcement click HERE

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