Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Important Cause

My friends,

My life was changed the summer of 2003 when I first became a student at the New York State Summer School of the Arts (NYSSSA). I spent my entire summer at the school of Choral Studies where my hobby of music and the arts was transformed into my passion. I worked tirelessly in classes, rehearsals, and practice rooms becoming completely enthralled in the genius of a single chord of music. My eyes were opened to various styles, composers, and eras of music I had never known. I cried so hard, my heart hurt, when the summer came to an end and counted down the days until I returned the following summer for Choral Studies 2004. I truly believe NYSSSA helped me become the person I am today as it gave me the opportunity and the tools to realize that I wanted to pursue music for a lifetime.

This amazing program is in serious danger. Two years ago it faced budget cuts that threatened its existence and unfortunately its fate is up for question again. Two years ago New Yorkers rallied together and expressed their love and believe in the performing arts, in the NYSSSA program, and saved cuts from wiping out the program all together. We must let our voices be heard once again!

There were many students at NYSSA who did not go on and study in the arts in college but their experience is not any less valid. NYSSSA, like so many arts programs that are also in danger, provides an opportunity for young boys and girls to find their niche. It is a place to explore passions and talents. It is a chance for self confidence to grow, and knowledge to be learned, and dreams to be met. NYSSSA is a child's chance for success, an opportunity for a young boy or girl to be on their way to meet their God given potential.

Please let your voice be heard for the sake of our children's education and future.

More information on the crisis at hand can be found at

It is simple to help! There are predrafted letters on that website that simply need your name added to be sent.

Best yet, go right to the top: Call Governor Andrew Cuomo's office and tell him that you believe in the importance of the performing arts and you want NYSSSA to be saved. (518)-474-8390


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