Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let your voice be heard!

As I posted previously Governor Paterson has proposed a 40% budget cut to the New York State Council on the Arts which is an amazing organization that makes grants and helps funds arts organizations around our state. This devastating budget cut inevitably means a severe cut, or even the demise, of your favorite art organization in your town. It's really very tragic.

So today I hit the pavement and walked around downtown Rochester handing out postcards I had printed from the NYSCA website urging people to simply sign, post mark, and mail the postcard to their appropriate legislator. It really is that simple for the voice of the people to be heard!

16,0000 emails have already made their way into our leaders' inboxes but the decision has yet to be reversed. We must keep up our fight and tell Albany that a 40% cut to the arts is not ok!

Here is a link to the postcards. Please feel free to join in the fight and pass out these cards at any performance, class, reading, work, or gathering you may go to. Let your voice be heard!

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